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Download I.p.s Officer Uniform Pics. The uniform of the ips officers is governed by the ips uniform rules. While the uniform of ips officers is governed by the indian police service (uniform) rules, 1954, uniforms of state police officers are decided by respective state government.

Aid To 'A' or Whitehall Division, Metropolitan Police, Lon ...
Aid To 'A' or Whitehall Division, Metropolitan Police, Lon … from

They mainly take care of the law and order, crime prevention and detection, traffic control and accident prevention and management, etc. I think the above explaination is suffiecient to distinguish between ips and state cadre police officer. Navy officers entered the second world war with the same sleeve insignia as authorized by the regulations of 1922.18 the 1922 and 1941 uniform regulations still covered the insignia for the unused rank of commodore, which was reintroduced in april 1943.19 the only change made during the war.

Ips uniform during senior most position;

Research uniform manufacturers, distributors, resources, and products for police and law enforcement. A female cop just called out a website for posting an article about beautiful ips officers. The ips officers are responsible for the safety and security of the public. Military uniforms are an integral part of life serving in the armed forces in the united states.

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