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Get Dr Stone Senku Love Interest Pics. Stone memes in the /r/shitpostersofscience instead. All art that is posted, must credit the original artist.if you post something that isn't yours actually i think kohaku and senku are in love with each other cause in the manga they're both dating and kohaku confessed that she loves him.

Pin on Dr. Stone Senku Ishigami
Pin on Dr. Stone Senku Ishigami from

You are the vise president of the science club, who was appointed by the principal himself because of your amazing score in your entrance exam especially in the science. He hopes to achieve this using the science from before the world ending petrification event. We love senku because he's a breath of fresh air compared to most shounen protagonists.

They got along, with byakuya encouraging him to pursue his goals of science by not hesitating to sell his car in order to give senku the opportunity to explore his scientific interest.

Posted by 1 year ago. I'm really good at gathering resources in games instead of leveling up. We know byakuya ishigami isn't senku's actual father related by blood. I don't know what i like about dr stone so much i i could totally help senku by going to abandoned cities to gather items.

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