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View Jujutsu Kaisen Main Character Name Background. List of characters that appear in the jujutsu kaisen series. The main set of characters are first years, working with second years in the tournament.

Jujutsu Kaisen | Origins |
Jujutsu Kaisen | Origins | from

Dia secara teratur menghindari tim lari karena keengganannya untuk atletik, meskipun bakat bawaannya untuk olahraga tersebut. The story of jujutsu kaisen is set in a world where cursed spirits feed on unsuspecting humans and fragments of main characters: He is the principal of it's actually based on a shounen manga by the same name written by akutami gege.

Jujutsu kaisen has a lot of suprisingly emotional and brutal moments.

After extensive research and testing, we have determined the perfect set of questions to determine which jujutsu kaisen character you are! A waifu is a female character from a manga series one has a special affection for, and if you are a fan of anime. The quiz contains 11 of the most prominent jujutsu characters, and is based on the anime! It seems each birthday corresponds to 24 solar terms, though it's not officially announced information.

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