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32+ Boruto Naruto The Movie Poster Images. Boruto is the son of the 7th hokage naruto who completely rejects his father. Momoshiki (pictured on the poster for the movie) wields the rinnegan pilot movie:

Naruto/Boruto | Boruto, Naruto, Poster
Naruto/Boruto | Boruto, Naruto, Poster from i.pinimg.com

Com estreia agendada para o dia 7de agosto o mangaka masashi kishimoto vai supervisionar o filme e a história sendo responsável pelo design de personagens, já a direção é. Directed by hiroyuki yamashita, toshiyuki tsuru. Hokage naruto'nun haylazlığını ve bitmek bilmeyen enerjisini miras almıştır.

It was given to me by a good friend of mine a few days ago.

Naruto the eyes do not belong there: He ends up meeting his father's friend sasuke, and requests to become. Anything after the current boruto anime is considered spoilers (boruto manga, future episode previews/summaries). Several years after the end of the shinobi war, naruto's son boruto is about to enter the chûnin exams alongside sarada uchiha and the mysterious mitsuki.

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