47+ Inuyasha Kikyo Vs Kagome Gif

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47+ Inuyasha Kikyo Vs Kagome Gif. The case of kagome vs. Naraku had been killed, and everyone was liberated from his clutches.

Inuyasha Feudal Combat: Kikyo and Kagome vs (Demon ...
Inuyasha Feudal Combat: Kikyo and Kagome vs (Demon … from i.ytimg.com

Inuyasha features a collection of engaging characters and plenty of noteworthy storylines, but there's one dilemma that fans still argue about to this day: When inuyasha kisses kikyo, kikyo tries to drag him to hell. Kagome and kikyo's relationship is a lot more complex than some simple love triangle between inuyasha.

Well,of course kikyo's jealosy will top over kagome's,inuyasha belonged to her first & they didn't have a proper broke up because both still harbor feelings for each other.

Tranquilli lo faccio scegliere io xd. The shikon jewel was complete. Once i was a priestess. In inuyasha, kagome and kikyou both have strong bonds with inuyasha, but one was better overall.

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