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Download Inuyasha Kikyo Soul Collectors Background. Though it is an open secret to the rest of the group, neither kagome nor because she only retained a fragment of her original soul, kikyo could not move unless she had enough souls within her body. Kikyo's soul collectors can find no trace of naraku's aura.

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But knew it would only hurt kagome so much worse even though they were apart. Despite her feelings on the subject, kagome reccommends inuyasha move kikyo closer to the soul collectors. Kikyo and her soul collector spirits from inuyasha.

Which only means i need to draw more traditional drawings more often.

Rumiko takahashi mangaka inuyasha series kikyou character calendar source. Kikyo's soul collector from inuyasha.since kikyo is dead she feeds off of souls that are brought to her by these loyal creatures that look like a cross between a snake and a bug. Kikyo uses the soul collectors, or shinidamachu, to gather the souls she needed. When kagome snaps inuyasha out of a trance a heartbroken kikyo declares her love as she leaves.

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